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Now if you really want to beat the science press, it helps to have readers who take really obscure journals. In 2002, I joined a number of other people who doubted the evidence for bipedalism in what was then (and has since been) touted as the “earliest known hominin.” Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Dental similarities with early hominids were also shared with a number of Miocene ape genera, while the evidence for vertical posture, based on the position of the foramen magnum, seemed weak.We made our case in a 2004 paper in Paleo Anthropology, which is open access.And then, the reply was followed by a statement signed by 28 other paleoanthropologists, led by F. Here is that statement in its entirety: Sir, We, the undersigned, have carefully examined the photographs and digital crown images of a fossilized third molar from the upper Miocene of Chad.This tooth was originally identified by the discoverers (Brunet et al. 100, 142144) claimed that this tooth had been misidentified and was in fact a left lower third molar.What was newsworthy about Beauvilain’s comment was the reply by Brunet’s Sahelanthropus research team.They provided images, including CT scans, that supported their original assignment of the tooth to the mandible.

Upon examination of the foramen magnum in the primary study, the lead author speculated that a bipedal gait "would not be unreasonable" based on basicranial morphology similar to more recent hominins.

In the 2015 video game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, set in 1984, Sahelanthropus is the model and namesake for a Metal Gear, a large, bipedal, nuclear-armed tank, which is crucial to the plan of the game's main antagonist.

In the game's fictitious backstory, the Sahelanthropus skull was discovered in the early 1970s, but its existence was covered up to conceal the villain's scheme.

Existing fossils include a relatively small cranium named Toumaï ("hope of life" in the local Daza language of Chad in central Africa), five pieces of jaw, and some teeth, making up a head that has a mixture of derived and primitive features.

The braincase, being only 320 cm³ to 380 cm³ in volume, is similar to that of extant chimpanzees and is notably less than the approximate human volume of 1350 cm³.

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Since no new evidence has come to light (or at least, to print), that’s where matters stand as far as I’m concerned.

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