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Now both the creatures in all 3 worlds are endangered.

Shadowland, which is the land of all half-lights , land of Sprits that can travel between worlds and other creatures that have shown up there speaking refuge, such as witches and wizards, fairies, elementals, and shape shifters.

Giving credits where it's due: I would like to James Patterson's Witch and Wizard series is what inspired this. They people posses traits that normal people don't posses.

Although I read the book years ago and never finished the series it was definitely what stoked this idea and basically turned out identical to the books, but oh well it's a wonderful plot. They are considered terrible creatures in the myth books.

Most of them are werewolves and tend to live in pack like situations. Generally thought of a as the evilest of the creature, they have been a new target of the New Order that is doing everything in there power to exterminate them.

They are the main hand to hand combat against the New Order, as they have a. They as people are not nearly evil as everyone envisions them and are very repaired to fight the New Order While generally perceived as evil blood sucking creatures, they are actually quite quiet in the whole New Order ordeal.

They have stayed in hiding and have not done much against the rebellion to them. Although vampires and very hard to kill, and they have a lot of super powers such a strength and speed.

I'm okay with adding as many characters as you guys want.

Summerland is the land of the immortals and the hardest world to leave and enter.While the New Order is invading more and more everyday, this land tends to keep itself very safe.With the creature not being at peace with each other, the the New Order not being at peace with the creatures, there worlds and lives are being threatened to cease to exist.They generally are smaller than the average human, but they aren't as small and a bug but more like just like a petite human. They are very venerable people and that's why even before they New Order they choose to live in Shadowland instead of the human world.They generally live in the Human world, but in groups of there kind.

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