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Every Commonwealth nation can be found around the middle of the American continent with the exception of Canada which is in the north.

Canada also has thirty times more land mass than all the other Commonwealth nations in the region put together.

Luke 2: 7 Mary wraps Jesus in ‘swaddling clothes’ when he is born.

In Patois this is now, ‘Shi rap im op iina biebi blangkit ‘. Luke 6: 27 ‘Love your enemies’ becomes ‘lov unu enimi’ 8.

They believe the Bible is a respectable book and that persons who read or hear it must be able to identify it as a book that is to be taken seriously. Also, the translation will be tested in locations on the island before it is published.

***When uno figa it out uno nah go shock nor surprised…di choot when it come out a hope Jamaica can hold she*** Met I met this celebrity at an institution uptown n she a check me out when me drive in the place.

A: "Sun a shine but tings no bright; Doah pot a bwile, bickle no nuff; River flood but water scarce, yawl Rain a fall but dutty tough." –Ms Lou (Dutty Tough) No one who reads the except above would find it funny; Jamaican can be used to convey hardship, tragedy, love and a wealth of other emotions without being humerous.

BSWI and its partners are very serious about what they are doing.

We also reserve the right to edit vulgar language and/or comments involving topics we may deem inappropriate for this web site. Debates and rebuttals are allowed but disrespectful curse-outs will prompt immediate BAN 2. fimiyaad etc and posted on JMG, you cannot request its removal. If you dont like this forum, please do not whine and wear us out, do yourself the favor of closing the screen- Thanks! In Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean, Central and Southern Americas, LGBTI people face the harshest penalties in the whole region, but they are campaigning hard, forming civil society alliances, and perusing strategic litigation, to ensure new rights and freedoms. 89,069 LGBTI people in Antigua and Barbuda are not equal under the law and face harsh penalties for consensual same sex activity.The Sexual Offences Act 1995 prescribes the punishment for buggery from fifteen years (between adults) to five years (for minors).**Miss lady dat is always reading over here mi tell di man send yuh mechiz dem come because yuh really nah fool nobody God know** DISCLAIMER The views or opinions appearing on this blog are solely those of their respective authors.In no way do such posts represent the views, opinions or beliefs of "Met," or

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