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One of the happiest countries on earth, no matter how hard the situations are, 💙thank you for that lesson!

#teamocolombia #feliz20dejulio #independenciacolombia Somos uno de los países más felices del mundo, sin importar que tan dura sea la situación #berracos 🇨🇴💪.

pero no me choca estar andando en bata por ahí 😜A post shared by Paola Paulin (@paola_paulin) on Aug 25, 2017 at pm PDT It's been a busy week💥, but I couldn't let this pass…

Happy Independence Day to the beautiful country that raised me #colombia 🇨🇴,that gave me the opportunity to work for their government @procolombiaco in #miami 💛on the investment department .

The H9 offers a total of 10 algorithms as a sort of “best of” collection to get you started (and a coupon to download 1 free algorithm of your choice! The 10 included algorithms are by no means shorting you of functionality and give you an incredibly wide range of ultra high-quality sound-shaping power even if you were to never purchase another algorithm. Let’s start with what’s new as Eventide is breaking new ground with the H9 exclusive effects.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the H9 since its unveiling, and everyone wants to know if it lives up to its lofty expectations.

If you didn't know who Paola Paulin is, you do now!

The model/actress is the latest lady in a long line of loves to attract the attention of international pop superstar Justin Bieber.

Related: Bieber Supports 'Black Lives Matter' The two were spotted out in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, with a source telling "Justin has been seeing Paola but is not exclusively dating her.

He enjoys her company and hanging out with her, but he has not called her his girlfriend. He wants a girlfriend eventually though, but he's taking his time figuring it out before he makes a commitment." Cheers to the Emmys and Ballers Sunday ..🏆🏈.

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All of Eventide’s stompbox algorithms and their associated presets are available for in-app purchase.

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  1. Not surprisingly, given the high levels of acceptance of interracial marriage among Millennials, nearly all 18-to-29-year-olds (93%) agree with the statement “I think it is all right for blacks and whites to date each other.” Pew Research has tracked responses to this question for more than two decades in its study of American political values, most recently in April 2009.