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He played one season alongside the legendary Kobe Bryant on the Lakers but the team didn't gel and Howard chose to sign with the Rockets rather than return to Los Angeles.Welcome to a blog focused on giving you information and pictures of the husbands and wives of celebrities and athletes. Our aim is to provide you with information on the significant others of celebrities. A paternity suit was filed Friday against Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard in Orange County Circuit Court, asking to establish his fatherhood officially and determine child support and other parental responsibilities. (via Getty Image) Back when Chris Duhon played for the Orlando Magic, I’d run into him at my local watering hole almost every Friday and Saturday night.He was a popular guy despite his limited playing time, because, hey, he was a millionaire NBA player and he might be able to hip us to some insider info on the team.Dwight is better at hiding his Baby mamas than navigating free agency.

Royce Reed, the boy's mother and a former Orlando Magic dancer, reportedly took the boy to children's services in the Orlando area in August, saying Howard had whipped the 6-year-old boy with a belt and he was left with bruises and abrasions on his legs.

One of the things that he said one time had nothing to do with the inner workings of the ship that Otis Smith was crashing into an iceberg, but instead the personal life of then-face-of-the-franchise Dwight Howard.

Duhon told a mutual acquaintance within earshot that Howard had at least five illegitimate children through five different women.

He won three straight NBA Defensive Player of the Year Awards from 2009 to 2011 and he was selected to eight straight All-Star games from 2007 to 2014.

He had a son, Braylon, with his girlfriend Royce Reed.

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