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Čas do pásky sme mali v merku a už sme len leteli akože domov – do letiska sme mali cca 8km keď som si všimol že letisko je pod nami = malý kufrík. Nasledovalo pristátie do rebríku, toto sme dali tiež na 0. nad krídlom je rebrík s pásmami na presnosť pristátiasúperi z Vrchlabí pristávajú na presnosť do rebríku.

Na zemi sme na povinnej spovedi u rozhodcu zistili že som zakreslil do mapy zle 2 body cca 5-10mm od pôvodnej polohy = poučenie nabudúce.

Yet no matter where you are, SAReunited can offer its reuniting service to each and every South African.“Overseas members, for instance, can upgrade to premier membership, whereby they can not only look for South Africans in their overseas city, but even search for those from a particular school who live in their city.”Around 70% of SAReunited’s users live in South Africa, while the majority of foreign users are in the UK, Australia, the US, New Zealand and Canada.

If they’re South African, wherever they’re living now, there’s a website that can help you find them.

Launched in 2002, SAReunited now lists over 36 000 schools, universities and colleges and over 31 000 cities and towns in its database, and has over 664 000 registered users.“South Africans, by nature, place great value on friendship”, says founder Themi Stergianos.

One reason for SAReunited’s success is its South Africanism: it was conceived, designed and developed by South Africans, who understand their users’ unique requirements.

Another factor is the ongoing evolution of the site.

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