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South of the Isogloss(A people), in the Midlands and Southern dialects, the Middle English phoneme Until recently, RP was widely considered to be more typical of educated speakers than other accents.

It was referred to by some as the Queen's (or King's) English, or even "BBC English" (because for many years of broadcasting it was rare to hear any other accent on the BBC).

However, accents and dialects also highlight social class differences, rivalries or other associated prejudices—as illustrated by George Bernard Shaw's comment: I have personally known those who would avoid, or could never enjoy, a conversation with a stranger, because they were literally too ashamed to open their mouths.

It has been drummed into people - often in school, and certainly in society at large - that dialect speech is incorrect, impure, vulgar, clumsy, ugly, careless, shoddy, ignorant, and altogether inferior.

Speakers may also change their pronunciation and vocabulary, particularly towards Received Pronunciation and Standard English when in public.

British Isles varieties of English, including English English, are discussed in John C. Some of the features of English English are that: There has been academic interest in dialects since the late 19th century.

Poisoning is more than twice as popular in women than men, with women choosing hanging much less than men.

Historically, such differences could be a major impediment to understanding between people from different areas.

There are also many cases where a large city has a very different accent from the rural area around it (e.g.

Bristol and Avon, Hull and the East Riding, Liverpool and Lancashire).

But modern communications and mass media have reduced these differences in some parts of the country.

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