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There are consequences for treating other Sims poorly.

Kids also learn about mental health and body awareness by meeting their Sim's needs for sleep, hygiene, hunger, and relaxation.

Social interaction is central; kids cultivate friendships and romantic relationships by interacting with other Sims and being mindful of feelings and emotions.

However, for now, she decides to just stay in her section of the neighborhood.

We mouse over one of the houses with a plumbbob symbol (indicating someone lives there).

Sims with the villain personality trait will actually derive pleasure in causing other Sims distress.

Sims in a romantic relationship can dump each other and become Ex-Lovers.

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Sims that are romantically involved can exchange passionate kisses and hugs, have "quickies" in the shower, or make "woohoo" (the game's long-standing euphemism for sexual intercourse).

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