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“Tony said he cast them because he thought they would probably be Cameron’s friends and he was right,” Cox said.

“The rest is herstory.” Unfortunately, so is , or at least it will be after the series finale airs on August 12.

Boil that scene down to its basic elements, and it’s a group of white-collar women commiserating about their dating lives over a businesswoman’s special.

That’s a pretty familiar scene — so familiar that it’s easy to overlook just how groundbreaking the whole thing actually is.

Amazon’s has had scenes with a lot of trans women, but they’ve all featured series protagonist Maura Pfefferman, played by cis actor Jeffrey Tambor.

Nick Adams, the director of transgender media and representation at GLAAD, confirmed that it’s “extremely rare” to see two or more trans characters talking to each other on a scripted show, regardless of who’s playing the part.

The network then pulled the show from rotation, leaving 11 full episodes unseen.

CBS decided to air the rest of the ’s only season this summer, with new episodes every Saturday. The lunch scene in “Clean Burn” was written by Johnny Norris, who had input from the rest of the writers room.

Not to mention all the possibilities of using Gender Bender stories as metaphors for transsexuality...).

But as with the aforementioned tropes, Gender Bender characters who previously wore a distinctive outfit may wear a Gendered Outfit, tailored to their new sex, after the change.

For this trope's impact on relationships, see Unsettling Gender Reveal, Jumping the Gender Barrier and Gender-Bender Friendship.

If a man and a woman bodies, it's a variant of "Freaky Friday" Flip.

Male-to-female transformations tend to vastly outnumber the opposite when this trope is in play. It might be Played for Laughs, Played for Drama, or even played for horror if Loss of Identity or an unusual amount of Squick is involved.

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