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This help file is a launching point for the other help files in our site and will help you navigate our Frequently Asked Questions. When prompted, be sure to select only your DOD EMAIL certificate. This problem is known as the “Do D Root Certificate Chaining Problem” per Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) . By the end of 2013, the plan is for the Defense Information Systems Agency to have efficient components to put together a robust cloud computing system through tools which can be accessed online at any time.Just click on any subject below to be taken to the help file for that subject. As cloud computing shows its benefits more and more every day, the Army have...Such is the advancement of technology, there is always more efforts being done to bring database integration into the most-modern possible period.

Download Activ Client 6.x While still logged into AKO, open a new tab on your browser then cut and paste the following link into...The Department of Defense has been taking many different opportunities to improve the standards of communication and integration between soldier and the headquarters.This means that the initiatives like the Enterprise E-Mail have helped put the entire communication between staff and soldiers into a much more lucrative and fluid context. The Military is always looking for better ways to help their staff integrate with their systems and programs more efficiently.The Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System Army database is an online collection of details and information which is made up of military personnel’s records. Please note when logging in to OWA (Outlook Web App) with your CAC, you will need to select your Email certificate.If the incorrect certificate is selected, you will receive the Ërror 500 Internal Server Error”or “Page Cannot be displayed.” You will also want to ensure that you are entering the...

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