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to make a knife-edge the batting is trimmed smaller than the top and backing.

the top and backing fabric are folded under and sewn together, encasing the batting and forming the knife-edge.

Now compare that with a reproduction quilt Now lets look at quality of the stitching. Reproduction quilting is uneven, and at a low stitch count per inch like this Quality antique quilting is more like this Now for a gallery of some reproduction quilts This Baltimore album style is mistaken for an antique very frequently.

This week it is listed by 2 sellers on e Bay, each claiming it is an antique, pre 1930 when in fact it was made by Arch quilts, in China, in the 90’s This Tulip quilt shows up fairly frequently on e Bay.

Before the pictures let me say that not all of these were misrepresented as antique.

Most sellers will say they are unsure of the age and list them as vintage.

Vintage is a fuzzy term and provides a lot of cover. Some things listed as rare are in fact rare…not so much.

In e Bay terms vintage is anything 1930-now, so a one year old item could be sold as vintage. One of the things often listed as “rare” and “desirable” is the Knife Edge.

This type of knife-edge treatment is in fact fairly uncommon. the batting is laid out first, then the backing goes over that (right side down) then the top goes over that (right side down) and they are machine stitched together around the perimeter, leaving one area un-stitched. the batting and backing is trimmed to match the top and the whole thing is turned inside out (or right side out) and then the opening for turning is sewn together.Barbra Brackman’s book “Clues in the Calico” and Eileen Trestain’s book “Dating Fabrics, a color guide” are among the most popular and helpful.True antique quilts will use fabrics indicative of the era they were made. Reproduction quilts are hand quilted, but not very well quilted.The above quilt shows that bunching typical of the reproduction and import quilts.Here are a few more examples How should a “real” quilt look? Fabric dating is not an easy thing to do, but there are many resources available to help.

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This means that the batting is sewn into the seam that creates the knife-edge, and makes for a full edge. And here on wedding ring quilts some quilts add a row of stitching around the edge to simulate a piped edge some do not.

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