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Handing over her husband’s American Express black card in the Giorgio Armani boutique, former Playboy centerfold Stephanie Adams thought she caught the word “gold digger” from the disgruntled assistant muttering under her breath.Then, when Adams’ older investment-banker husband stepped forward to sign for the ,000 purchase, the saleswoman didn’t give the card back so much as throw it, almost hitting Adams in the face.Johnson [dating cosmetics heir Leonard Lauder] and Tamiko Bolton [who married billionaire financier George Soros in the Hamptons last Saturday].” “They’ve shattered the myth of the bimbo with the designer handbag, because they are educated, worldly and ambitious. When she’s not researching and writing her blog, which has the tongue-in-cheek title of Life Of ATrophy Wife.com, Lin keeps up with current affairs and what’s happening in the stock markets, so she can hold her own with her husband’s co-workers and bosses.“I find the finance industry really boring, but I always keep on top of things,” she says.“These women are the full package,” says elite Manhattan matchmaker Richard Easton, explaining that the male clients on his books increasingly ask him to set them up with intelligent, confident women with established careers of their own.

“Anyone who thinks I’m just a good piece of arm candy doesn’t know the whole picture.” (That picture also includes winning an “excessive force” judgment from the NYPD stemming from a 2006 incident with a cab driver.) She’s hardly the cliché of the much-younger wife depicted on the ABC comedy-drama “Trophy Wife,” about a gorgeous girl who marries an older man with two ex-wives and tons of family baggage.

“I took a step back and thought: ‘What’s so wrong with that?

’ My husband says it’s associated with a lot of negative connotations — the Anna Nicole Smith thing — but I don’t think so when I think of modern trophy wives like Linda E.

“I am definitely alone a lot of the time because my husband works such long hours,” she says. But I know he is doing it for me, too, and we’re getting towards a mutual goal.” Another consideration is looking the part.

“I’m Asian, and actually a size 8, so the haters [on Lin’s blog] will say things like: ‘Who do you think you are? You’re not blond and skinny,’ but I love my body and work incredibly hard to keep in shape,” says Lin.

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